The Stupid Zombies are preparing to make their grand return to iOS and Android in the fourth instalment of the hugely popular trick-shot shooter series. If you missed out on the earlier games, the basic idea is that you have to bounce bullets around the scenery to take out as many zombies as possible using fairly limited supplies.

Having not played the earlier entries in the series, it's interesting to find that they've proved so incredibly popular. The third entry even had a major crossover with Techland's Dying Light.

Stupid Zombies 4 is set to offer a variety of mission types and an eclectic arsenal of weapons to master. You'll collect coins to unlock new heroes and gradually work your way up to become an absolute zombie-killing machine.

Our review of the third game was mostly positive, with reviewer Rob Rich arguing that it offered a good deal of fun despite being more of the same and in some ways a step back for the series. His main issue stemmed from Stupid Zombies 3's removal of the smart puzzles that made the earlier games a hoot.

If you're a fan of the series and want to see where GameResort takes it next, you'll find Stupid Zombies 4 available for pre-registration now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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