Stress Relieving Brawling With FaceFighter Ultimate

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 12th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Way back when, we reviewed FaceFighter and rather enjoyed its fighting mechanics mixed with being able to 'beat up' whatever can be photographed. A year later in celebration of over 3 million downloads, Appy Entertainment released FaceFighter Gold offering all the previous expansions for free as well as some new features.

We've gone past Gold with the arrival of Universal app FaceFighter Ultimate as of now. FaceFighter Ultimate promises lots and considering the previous success rate will undoubtedly deliver too. The Career mode offers new AI enabling players to fight even more challenging opponents. Playing regularly ensures the reward of free gold coins that can be used to buy more Fighters, Weapons, Weapon Upgrades and Arenas. On that note, there are 8 new arenas to choose from and weapons can now all be upgraded. Finishing moves encompass the likes of frying pans, rubber chickens, lightning strikes and giant ape paws keeping everything suitably light. Even an UFO abduction is possible!

Multiplayer via Game Center is also available and a whole plethora of in-app purchases too for those who want to get on with unlocking extras by buying coins. Plus there's the ever fun element of being able to add the faces of anyone imaginable by simply taking a photo of them. One such example comes from the fight between President Obama and the Speaker of the House John Boehner.

The only limitation to this app is one's imagination. Find Justin Bieber irritating? I know I do. Take a photo of him and stick him on top of a body in FaceFighter Ultimate. Instant stress relief! Heck you could even use a photo of your boss (note: my boss is lovely) if you've just had enough and need to vent.

Check out the potential of FaceFighter Ultimate with the official trailer below. The app is out now for all iOS devices.

FaceFighter Ultimate

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2009-07-24 :: Category: Game


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