Epic turn-based RPG Brown Dust is set to turn 500 days old next week, and to celebrate, Neowiz has just unveiled its biggest and most exciting update yet, offering a host of new rewards, increased gacha rates, and a brand new feature that will change up the battlefield - Companion units.

To kick things off, the most significant change the update brings is the introduction of a new auxiliary unit called Companions. Battles will still be dictated by your use of Mercenaries, however you'll now have the option of pairing them up with their unique Companion counterpart which raises their Skill Level Cap from +10 to +15. What's more, every Companion will come with their own backstory which players can discover once they start to level up and change in appearance.

Accompanying the Companion feature is a new Fate system which players can use to obtain initial Companions for each Mercenary without having to use scrolls or diamonds. Better still, you'll be able to save on those precious items all the more thanks to the newly enhanced Chance-Up system which guarantees that you'll receive a random 5-star Companion after a predetermined number of Recruitment attempts.

Also included with the new update is a host of free rewards and special packages, including a 500th day package available in the Diamond Store from July 17th - July 18th. You'll certainly want to keep some diamonds back for this one - among the many items included are Premium Scrolls, Honor Points, Red Slimes, a 5-Star skill book, and plenty of other goodies.

From July 18th players will also be able to pick up a random 5-Star Mercenary as well as diamonds and other items as part of their daily log-in rewards.

There's never been a better time to play Brown Dust, so if you'd like to give it a try you can find it to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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