Stick Tennis Tour guide - How to consistently win

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 16th, 2016
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Stick Tennis Tour is a great little tennis game where characters move around automatically while you - the player - concentrate on hitting the right shots. Here are some tips to help you master your form:

Serve like a pro

Serving can be the ultimate game changer in Stick Tennis Tour, so make sure you practice your timing so that you can hit a burning serve for an ace.

Early on, it's easiest to practice the timing of serves by tapping once to throw the ball in the air and tapping again as the ball has hit its peak. Doing this sends the ball right into the center of the service square. As you get this timing down, you can then move on to swiping for service to hit balls down the "T" or near the edge of the court.

Hit across court when opponent plays deep

In Stick Tennis Tour, you'll want to make your opponents run as much as possible as they try to return your shots. Doing so increases the likelihood that they'll be too slow in getting to the next ball.

The easiest way to make opponents run when playing along the baseline is to alternate shots to the left and right of the court. This should wear opponents down pretty easily.

Hit parallel lines when opponent plays short

Things get really tough in Stick Tennis Tour when you start playing close to the net. Not only can balls get hit past you, but also you need to have a quicker reaction time to everything since you're playing with a lot less court.

In general, the best way to thwart an enemy that rushes the net is to hit the ball to the same side of the court that your player character is standing on. If you try to hit cross court, your shots are going to go directly to the close net opponent who can easily spike the ball away from you. Hitting on the same side as where you are standing can let you hit deep balls that can go past your competition before they can even get to them.

Timing is everything

As much as you want to work all of these strategies to gain an advantage, none of them make a difference if your timing is off. Hitting balls at the exact right time make them more accurate and faster, whereas messing up this timing can result in lobbed shots or hits that land out of bounds.

Make sure you practice swinging to get your shots down. You'll know you're doing it right if your shot has a red trail instead of a white one.

Have you already reached tennis stardom in Stick Tennis Tour? Share your ace tips with us in the comments!

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