Whenever a game gets over one million players, it is definitely worth checking out, and now that WW2 collectible card game KARDS is out on mobile, a whole new audience of players can get their hands on some tactical fun.

Starting its life in 2019 on PC, KARDS has racked up a huge player base across three huge expansions, and the fact it took this long to come to mobile devices is a bit of a shock. Card games are perfect for mobile. Nonetheless, it is here now and feature cross-play with the PC version, so new players, prepare for a trial by fire.

Stepping onto the battlefield of World War 2, you will be able to build your own cardboard army and battle other commanders in huge warfare across ground, air, and sea. All the usual suspects will be available from tanks to artillery to infantry, complete with artwork harkening back to the wartime period, and some even from then. Each card is carefully designed through official documentation, specs, and operational history, so war buffs will have a distinct advantage.

You will have free reign to create your perfect deck, free of any historical restraints. Create a deck that combines the might of the USD and Japan, or see have Europe fares against a union of British and German units. There is a myriad of tactics available; overwhelm your opponent with a Blitzkrieg, master defensive warfare until your production outmatches the other side, or simply see who can stand against columns of tanks.

If you have already enjoyed the card-based action on the PC version, then you are able to carry your progress across all your devices, which is excellent for when you want to laze about with your phone. New recruits and Veterans alike will need to act fast though, as the fourth expansion, Brothers in Arms, is scheduled to drop this summer.

Download KARDS now from the App Store and Google Play.

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