Steam Link Spotlight - Sin Slayers

Posted by Campbell Bird on November 20th, 2019
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Steam Link Spotlight is a feature where we look at PC games that play exceptionally well using the Steam Link app. Out last entry talked about Warsaw. Read about how it’s a great mobile experience over here.

For this week, I took a shot on a game I knew little-to-nothing about. Sin Slayers is a turn-based dungeon crawler by goonswarm that feels kind of like Diablo-meets-Final Fantasy, but with a surprisingly cool setup. The world has been taken over by the seven deadly sins, which are depicted as literal monsters, and the only safe place left is an old church where you and your team bide your time, building your strength to take each one down.

In practice, this basically means the old church is your mission prep screen, where you can choose your custom squad of three heroes (out of 10) to go out on quests. Once out on quests, the game displays the locale you’re exploring as a grid-based dungeon, where you must move through unsearched tiles to discover loot, shrines, and—of course—enemies to fight.

The core of Sin Slayers center around turn-based combat that is very similar to the turn-based combat of countless other RPGs. What makes Sin Slayers special is though is its sin system. As you’re exploring dungeons, you can loot bodies and abandoned catacombs for treasure and items, but doing so is blasphemous. As you commit sins, your sin meter rises, which can make the game harder or lessen your rewards as you continue exploring. This system forces players to be very judicious about the way they explore spaces, and makes them think twice about just trying to uncover everything in one run.

All of Sin Slayers can be controlled through simple mouse clicks, so it plays beautifully on the Steam Link app. In fact, if it weren’t for the mouse cursor and keyboard shortcuts in the UI, Sin Slayers would be indistinguishable from a native mobile game while streaming it to your mobile device.

You can check out the video posted above to see for yourself how well Sin Slayers using touch. It’s simply flawless. So if you’re looking for a new dungeon-crawler that you’d like to play on your phone or tablet, streaming Sin Slayers is not a bad way to go.

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