Steam Link Spotlight - Genesis Noir

Posted by Campbell Bird on March 30th, 2021
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Steam Link Spotlight is a feature where we look at PC games that play exceptionally well using the Steam Link app. Our last entry examined Neurodeck. Read about how it plays using Steam Link over here.

This week, we're going far out into the stylish cosmos of Genesis Noir. This point-and-click adventure reimagines the creation of the universe (aka The Big Bang) as a shot from a gun. You play as an unassuming watch salesman who gets caught in the love triangle that culminates in this gunshot, which is aimed at your lover. If this sounds spoiler-y, don't worry; this is just the setup. The rest of the experience leads you through the universe as you try to destroy The Big Bang to save your love.

Despite the name, point-and-click adventure games tend to play well using touchscreens, but this is doubly true for Genesis Noir. Many interactions in the game world are surprisingly tactile and might feel more awkward using an input device other than your fingers. Dialing rotary phones, plucking seeds out of your hand, and unfolding pieces of paper all feel great via Steam Link, though of course they'd feel perfect in a native iOS version of the game.

Genesis Noir is split up into surreal chapters that revolve around specific themes. Through these vignettes, you learn more about the lead up to The Big Bang, but not through straightforward storytelling or exposition. Instead, you might find yourself wandering into a reflecting pool and stringing together molecules, or watching a jazz performance while sipping away on a presumably alcoholic drink. It's minimal and abstract, but never so mysterious that you're wondering what Genesis Noir is trying to tell you. All of this action is presented in a line-drawn trichromatic style that reads beautifully, even on a small screen.

The panache and tangible feel of Genesis Noir makes it a great game to try out on your Steam Link, though its suitability for touch feels good enough that I hope it comes to the App Store sooner rather than later.

Genesis Noir is developed by Feral Cat Den and published by Fellow Traveller. It launched on March 26, 2021 and is available on Steam for $14.99.

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