Star Chef 2 is the follow up to the financially successful Star Chef and it's available now for iOS and Android. 99 Games' original has reportedly pulled in over $30 million in lifetime revenue.

The sequel promises to be more than a cosmetic upgrade over its predecessor, with players now able to team up with others to take part in Chef Team events. There will also be trivia this time around so you can also learn about the various dishes you'll be cooking up throughout the game.

At its core though, Star Chef 2 will continue to be a cooking and restaurant management game. They'll be able to hire different chefs who will have the skills to cook a wide variety of different dishes. Players can also expect celebrity appearances throughout their adventure across the game's 150+ story levels.

To stick with number talk, there will also be 100+ different dishes to cook that ranges from burgers and pizza to sushi and even Frittatas. Players will even be able to have their own vegetable garden to tend to that will provide their dishes with the freshest produce.

Of course, they'll also be able to decorate the restaurants themselves with a plethora of design patterns, wall and floor decorations to give your restaurant a more personal feel. Beyond that, there are Chef Masters battles where you'll compete with other plays in real-time.

Star Chef 2 is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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