May is shaping up to be a rather generous month, with Square Enix announcing a raft of events and gifts for three of their hit mobile apps. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia and Dragon Quest Tact are all in the line for some TLC.

To celebrate the recent-ish release of Final Fantasy VII Reunion, you can recruit the Young Hero Zack and his beloved mentor Angeal in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Until May 18th, you have the chance to pick up the plucky protagonist from the Discounted Step-Up Summon, and you can pick up the themed Vision Cards by awakening the two characters. You can even summon 10 units a day free until May 24th, with a chance to summon these heroes, so download Brave Exvius today for iOS and Android.

Zack is a busy bee lately, with Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia offering new weapons for Crisis Core Zack, as well as for his iconic paramour Aerith. The weapons will be up for grabs until May 11th, and you can pick up their costumes from the store. If you are in the market for a new character, you can recruit the gluttonous Blue Mage Quina from FF9. You will also be able to obtain their featured weapons until May 16th. Grab Dissidia from the App Store and Google Play now, and enjoy a free Multi Draw for select banners in the May Faire campaign until May 31st.

Finally, it isn't all Final Fantasy, as Dragon Quest Tact is hosting a celebration of the beloved Dragon Quest IV, initial the True Dragon Quest IV Event, adding part 4 recently. Until June 4th you can take on a real challenge from Aamon in a high-difficulty Boss Battle. If you clear three levels of the timed Boss Battle, you have the chance to obtain S-Rank weapons and other powerful rewards. Until May 21st, the Shiny BlackMalini Campaign offers everyone a free character from a pool of past limited-time picks, great if you missed one. Lastly, you can pick up a Catalog Gift Ticket until June 4th to grab a helpful item from the Gift Swap Shop, so download Dragon Quest Tact for iOS and Android now.

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