In my humble opinion, recent rumblings from Square Enix have been a bit worrying, to say the least, with their dabbling in blockchain, an “aggressive” approach to AI, and new President Takashi Kiryus’ decree that the company will be publishing fewer games moving forward, which they have quite roundly proven by announcing the shuttering of Nier Reincarnation.

Following the conclusion of the current storyline, The People and the World, Nier Reincarnation will be shutting its doors for good, in another example of Square Enix decimating its mobile portfolio, following in the steps of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, Kingdom Hearts Union X, and Echoes of Mana to name a few.

Launching in Japan in February 2021 and then worldwide in the following July, also known as no so long ago, Nier Reincarnation is, soon to be was, an RPG set in that zany universe of Yoko Taros’ mind. Players found themselves in the Cage, a dimension that hosted a bevvy of story arcs for a roster of players

On March 28th, the final chapter of The People and the World will be released, and players will have one month to enjoy the content before closure on April 29th. Developers Applibot Inc are determined to go out with a bang, however, and are cramming a huge range of events into the games’ last few months.

One big campaign will last until the launch of the last chapter, with players getting ten free summons each day, with a different costume series appearing every week so you can collect all those characters you are missing. There will also be free gems and Spend Stamina Missions each week, on top of ten Premium Summon Tickets from a Login Bonus.

Nier Reincarnation can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, with only three months left to try it out.

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