Zach Gage may have made his first word game because he wasn’t particularly fond of the genre, but after his hit SpellTower things changed. The indie designer is hard at work on a new game for word nerds. This time around instead of a crossword puzzle twist like Spelltower, the game looks to feature tricky anagram puzzles.

Details are sparse, but Gage has been teasing the game on his website today, with more updates incoming. Each “teaser” asks you to form a word out of another word. The second has grayed out tiles that you can switch around, ramping up the difficulty a bit. Solving the first puzzle reveals that the new game is coming in 12 days, or on March 18. In the meantime, Gage will be sending forth more of these puzzle teasers. Think you can figure out what the game is using his clever hints?

If you missed out on SpellTower, it’s an elegantly designed crossword-style game that tasks players with stringing together words with simple swipes -- you can connect letters up, down, side-to-side, diagonally, and forward and backward. The game was a surprise hit, although it’s easy to see why everyone loves it. Gage has a history of working on a whole portfolio of smart, interesting games, so there’s a lot of excitement for his latest release.

Were you a fan of SpellTower? Excited for Gage’s new game? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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