Sound Shaker Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on July 28th, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

"Sound Shaker" is a really exciting sound game from Tickle Tap Apps. There are six different sounds to choose from including the flute, drum, and farm animal sounds.  I really enjoyed giving my 2 1/2 year old  son the phone and watch his face as he explored this app. He soon discovered on his own that you can make balls bounce around the page, making sounds when they knock into each other. He was delighted when he realized you could tap longer to make the ball grow bigger, the sound and color changing as well. If you keep tapping the same ball, it cracks open and becomes a chick that flies away. The look on his face the first time this happened was priceless.  I like the cause-and-effect this game teaches and how every time we play with this game, it is different. This app, as well as other Tickle Tap Apps are worth checking out.

iPhone Screenshots

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Sound Shaker screenshot 1 Sound Shaker screenshot 2 Sound Shaker screenshot 3 Sound Shaker screenshot 4 Sound Shaker screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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Sound Shaker screenshot 6 Sound Shaker screenshot 7 Sound Shaker screenshot 8
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