Sony Announces A Pair of Lens-Style Cameras, Attached to and Controlled From Your iPhone

Posted by Jeff Scott on September 4th, 2013
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The Sony QX-100 and QX-10 are unique cameras indeed. Based off of successful Sony point and shoot cameras, these cameras are a bit different. They require your iPhone or Android phone to operate. Sort of like dumb cameras since they leave the controls to the mobile phone. But what you do get is a top-notch Karl Zeiss lens, optical zoom and stabilization, photo and video recording, and a resolution of up to 20 MP. All in a package about the size of the lens of a high-end point and shoot camera or about the size of a pool ball.

These attachable cameras will connect to an iPhone with a clamp style grabber that attaches to the sides of the iPhone. Or the camera can be tripod mounted or hand held. It does not need to be physically touching the iPhone to work. The camera communicates with the iPhone via Wifi and is controlled almost completely from the Sony Play Memories app. From that app, the camera shooting mode and firing the capture are all handled. Once a photo or video are captured, those can be transferred to the iPhone or transferred from the camera directly to a computer via a USB cable.

See, we told you it was unique.

There are two models of what Sony is calling Lens-style Cameras. The QX-10, the smaller, more basic camera, and the QX-100, the higher-end camera. Here are some Stats:

Sony DSC QX-10

18.2 MP in a 1/2.3" Sensor
F3.3 Karl Zeiss Lens
ISO 100-12800
Memory Stick Micro and microSD slots
1440x1080 30fps Movie Recording
Wifi and NFC
10x Optical Zoom
$250 Retail Price

Sony DSC QX-100

20.2 MP in a 1" Sensor
F1.8 Karl Zeiss Lens
ISO 160-25600
Memory Stick Micro and microSD slots
1440x1080 30fps Movie Recording
Wifi and NFC
3.6x Optical Zoom
Manual Focus
$450 Retail Price

So the main differences are that the QX-100 has a faster lens with higher resolution and manual focus, but less optical zoom. Generally a good fit for amateur photographers leaning for the pro side. The faster lens will make a huge difference.

These two lens-style cameras interest me greatly. They are a bit out there, sure, but most new things are. But what they will do is instantly give iPhone users a camera that is leaps and bounds above what is in the phone. Questions remain though, do people even care about better phone images, or will they just be another accessory you won't want to carry around. We'll have a full review for you in the coming weeks. These cameras will be available in retail in mid to late September.

iPhone Screenshots

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iPad Screenshots

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