Some Notes on Integrity

Posted by Jeff Scott on February 9th, 2009

Over this weekend it came to our attention that at least one iPhone app review site is doing some things that would seem to severely tarnish their editorial integrity. While we here at 148Apps are still a tiny little site, we want to make some things absolutely clear.

While we accept advertising on our site as a way to keep the ever-growing site going, we will never let those ads influence our reviews in any way. This includes the outcome of the review itself along with what applications we decide to review and when we review them.

On this subject, Steve over at Slide To Play had a great editorial on Friday that sums up my feelings and our guidelines much better than I could ever hope to.

In association Steve and some honest folks at other iPhone app review sites, we're going to develop the oath he mentions. Simply, that oath will state that we don't take money for reviews. Though it will probably be a little wordier than that.

While you may not agree with all of our reviews, they are all the honest opinion of the reviewer. And even if that other site continues to do things a little shady, we plan on keeping our integrity and hope that in the end, even if it doesn't make us the most popular, it will make us better.

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