RPG turned card game Solitairica gets its first expansion today. The Primal Champions DLC adds new decks and battles to the game that will add hours of more entertainment to what is already a fan favorite.

The expansion adds four fresh decks or one for each color -- Barbarian, Vanguard, Sorcerer, and Acrobat. The Vanguard deck specializes in defense, Barbarian in, you guessed it, attacking, the Sorcerer in willpower, and the Acrobat in agility.

Primal Champions now features a new Epic difficulty, too, that unlocks once you beat the Emperor. Epic gives you access to 28 battles that amp up the difficulty with fiercer monsters and a strict economy.

If you have yet to play the base game, Solitairica is a solid strategy game that mixes the best of roguelikes, RPGs, and, of course, classic Solitaire. Each match pits you against a monster with their own set of cards. Every time you turn over a card, the monster gets a chance to attack. However, you can counter with your own deck of spells and attacks. It’s good fun that adds a fresh high fantasy feel to what is otherwise a pretty basic card game.

You can buy Primal Champions for $0.99. Solitairica itself is on iOS for $3.99.

.Did you get a kick out of Solitairica? Are you playing the DLC? Let us know in the comments.

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