Mobile gaming enthusiasts will soon be able to get their fill of sci-fi shooting, with Amazing Season announcing their upcoming game, Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Pre-registrations are now open for fans, and we also have their first trailer to get a sneak peek at the action.

Amazing Seasun is touting Snowbrea: Containment Zone as a narratively driven game, which hopefully doesn't mean the gameplay is second to the story. From the brief gameplay seen in the trailer, it looks like it will contain some very fast-paced gameplay with a focus on mobility, which does look like it could be fun. Hopefully, they add a bit more depth to it.

Our story is set in the year 2057, in a world that has been devastated by a mysterious disaster known as The Descent. This name presumably comes from whatever event resulted in strange pollution that is falling like snow, causing once great cities to be designated as Containment Zones. Your role will be to enter these zones and fight colossal titans to investigate, protect humanity, and possibly find a cure.

You step into the shoes of an Adjustant, a member of the Heimdall Force because you gotta get that Norse in there. The Force is the first human anti-titan armed force, tasked with entering enemy-ridden zones with teams of three players. You can switch between these players on the fly, and engage in action combat crossed with quick-time events. You will need to master all characters and their unique abilities to conquer these areas.

There has been no solid release date, beyond a ballpark statement of later this year. The game will come out on iOS and Android, and if you want a chance to join in the closed beta test you should pre-register now. NA and LATM players should sign up here, with EU players going right here.

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