Snowboarding The Fourth Phase guide - How to score big and earn more coins

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 19th, 2016
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Snowboarding The Fourth Phase will have you barreling down mountains, jumping off cliffs, and pulling off insane stunts in order to become a snowboarding superstar. The going won't always be easy though. Check out these tips to help you move through your career more quickly.

Complete quests ASAP, then score big

Quests are definitely the easiest way to unlock new stuff in The Fourth Phase, especially at the beginning of the game. On any given run, make sure you complete quests as soon as possible to then focus on the next best way to progress: high scores.

Because you can only do one quest at a time in career mode, don't worry about trying to complete more than one task at a time. Just do the one you're given, then net a high score so you can get as much experience as possible. Doing so will let you max out coins to get more gear to get a higher score multiplier.

Flip slowly

Flipping and spinning in The Fourth Phase behaves strangely. You can just pull on the screen while in air to start these maneuvers and they'll continue automatically till it's time to land, but that's not the best way to do it.

For some reason, if you go slower on spins or flips by intermittently swiping on the screen, you can score more points that if you did more rotations more quickly. Since score is so important, take this to heart.

Maximizing air time

It's not exactly clear at first, but there is a way to "jump" in The Fourth Phase to get you more airtime for more stunts. If you drag down on the right side of the screen, you will crouch, which will get you going fast. Then, if you swipe up after going over a jump, you'll get a little extra airtime so you can fit in more grabs and flips.

Focus on stomping

"Stomping" is the term for sticking the landing in The Fourth Phase, and it matters a lot. Stomping grants an awesome score bonus when accomplished, while landing with anything less can actually detract from your airborne score.

Keeping this in mind, try to stomp with less ambitious stunts. It's safer and usually grants more rewards.

Are you a snowboarding pro? Have some additional tips for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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