It is exciting times for mobile RPG fans, as Smilegate and VA Games have unveiled the brand page and first look at its upcoming game Outerplane. With a tentative global launch at the end of May, we can get our first look at the characters and settings of the new world.

Outerplane will take the form of the iconic turn-based system, following the story of a protagonist that gets summoned from the earth and pulled to the Mirsha. The Teaser PV gives us our first look at the modern-kitted PC, as he is pulled into a church by a mysterious woman. We don’t get a lot from it, but it's still early.

The PV does give a glimpse of the art style, however, it is the official website where we can find the main bulk of lore. Mirsha was originally settled by a group of extraterrestrial beings, who named the planet after their own home world. The existence of these beings will probably be a part of the story and may explain where the ability to summon comes from. The brief glimpses of the cities show a medieval setting, a standard for fantasy RPGs.

We also get a few dossiers of three of the characters, starting with our hero, the so-called Lone Avenger, K. He has been tagged with the keyword revenge, stemming from an incident where his colleague’s betrayal almost led to his death in battle. After being summoned by Princess Stella, presumably the blonde in the PV, it will be interesting to see if we encounter this old colleague.

When you land in Mirsha, you will soon meet a mysterious girl named Eva, who is an automaton who immediately dubs K as her Master. Her goal of travelling with K is to eventually become human herself, however, delving into her creation is likely to be a plot point.

If you want to check out the lore yourself, make sure to visit the official site, as there will no doubt be future insights released there in the coming month.

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