Sky Septima is a rhythm-action game of sorts that tells a tale about music and love that sees a Bard on a quest to fetch a star for his beloved. It comes from indie developer Manateam and is available now for Android as a premium title.

Retrieving a star isn't going to be an easy feat, so how would a bard make it all the way into outer space to retrieve one? Through magical musical instruments and jumping to the beat, naturally. His journey will take him through three different zones starting with a little town before moving onto a cloud kingdom and then finally space itself.

Each of these areas will be guarded by the Three Kings and you['ll need to beat them with your various musical instruments. To do so, and to progress through the game as well, you'll have to tap to match the bard's actions with his movements which will help you climb higher and higher.

Beyond that, you'll be able to use the various instruments at your disposal to make things a little easier. For example, the Pipe will launch you in a set direction and knock out any enemies that have the misfortune of being in your way.

There will also be several items you can collect and upgrade along the way. This includes the likes of armour which will allow you to take one hit before dying or a clock which reduces your other cooldowns so you can use them more frequently. To upgrade these items you'll need to gather the gems that are scattered throughout each level.

Sky Septima is available now over on Google Play. It's a premium title that costs £1.29 or your local equivalent.

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