Sky: Children of the Light has a new content update launching today.

thatgamecompany, whose previous works include the critically-acclaimed PlayStation adventure game Journey, has released an update for its most recent mobile title that is touted as the game’s biggest 'season' update so far.

The Season of Prophecy update takes players on a journey to discover the origins of Sky’s villagers, as they are tested like never before and uncover a revelation of the Ancestors’ visions. thatgamecompany has promised deeper gameplay as you get to “explore the eerie memories of the Cave of Prophecies to unravel its original purpose and forgotten premonitions.”

The update brings new challenges, with the new trials representing the elements of water, earth, air and fire available to complete, and the ability to unlock new expressions (‘Deep Breath’, ‘Dust Off’, ‘Balance’ and ‘Chest Pound’) from these tasks.

Also coming in Sky: Children of the Light’s new update are some new cosmetic items: five new ancient masks, four new hairstyles, three new animal capes, a new pant, a new instrument, two new music sheets and a new seasonal pendant.

If that’s not all, thatgamecompany also wants to celebrate the spookiest month of the year with a Days of Mischief event. From 22nd October to 4th November, you can equip the Mischief Witch Hat and Mischief Web Cape cosmetic items to get into the Halloween spirit and cast spells, available by accessing the secret area in the Vault of Knowledge.

The Season of Prophecy update also coincides with thatgamecompany’s announcement that the game has topped 50 million installs across iOS and Android.

Sky: Children of the Light is available as a free-to-start title on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android, with a Switch edition planned for release in 2021. A paid version of the mobile app costing $9.99 is available for anyone who wants to access the full content of the game and the Season of Prophecy update.

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