Plug In Digital and PHZ Game Studios has released Siege Castle worldwide for iOS and Android devices.

It’s a strategy game where you design and build your own castles before you engage in sieges using automated physics-based battles. Once you’ve decided how your castle is built, including its defense and offence abilities, you need to choose what tactic you’ll employ when attacking your opponent by selecting from a range of siege weapons including ballistas, cannons, catapults, and of course, trebuchets.

Alternatively, you can also select different infantry to use on the battlefield as well as the forces of magic itself. Each option available to you has their own strengths and weaknesses, making you think carefully about what to choose when you initiate battle. Additionally, you also have an island which you have to manage, which involves caring for your villagers by feeding them, and looting other castles to gather gold to keep morale high.

You collect different materials, such as stone, wood, iron and crystal, merging them together to create new weapons, arcane rooms, black holes, as well as their own tower defence systems. There are also cosmetic options, such as designing the look of your castle, your island, and even how the music sounds when you’re ready to enter combat. When you’re happy with the tactics you have set up, the castles engage in auto battles until one player is crowned the victor.

The battles are fast, lasting less than a minute. And since they run automatically it’s an experience intended to be more about strategy and tactics rather than who can hit buttons the fastest. At the end of the day, you won’t get anywhere if you’re not adapting to counter your opponents no matter how powerful your army is.

You can download Siege Castles now from the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. It’s a free to play title with in-app purchases.

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