Barry Mitchell is a game designer with a nostalgic fondness for the classic ‘80s arcade game, Defender, so much so that he’s now revamped the game as a fresh new title for iOS and it’s out today.

Much like the original title which inspired it, Space Defender 3D is a side-scroller set in deep space where you pilot a lone spacecraft as it battles through dozens of enemy alien fighter ships. To truly put your skills to the test, there are bosses appearing at the end of every wave which bring a huge challenge to the table, and you can choose between five difficulty levels if you want to tone your experience in a way that it doesn’t feel too difficult or too easy.

“Today I release the long awaited Defender 3D on iOS. If you loved Defender back in the 80s, or you love side scrolling space shooters, Defender 3D will scratch that itch,” says Mitchell on the release of Space Defender 3D. “If you too remember standing in the arcades of old, watching some cool guy playing that amazing space shooter, killing aliens and saving the galaxy, you can now join him in the hall of Space Shooter FAME through the medium of the modern mobile phone.”

Despite it taking much inspiration from the classic Williams Electronics arcade game, new features have been added to the game to bring it up to date with modern expectations. The game now has 3D graphics, as well as bringing in new ships to pilot, new weapons to blast and new enemies to fight. You can also rescue other pilots who have been stranded in space, and they’ll provide you with rewards for helping them out.

You can download Space Defender 3D from the iOS App Store. It’s a free to play title containing in-app purchases.

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