Shrouded Citadel: navigate your escape in Pifer’s newly released AR dungeon adventure

Posted by Luke Frater on April 16th, 2021
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Having been cooped up over the past 12 months due to winter and covid, Pifer is encouraging gamers to start enjoying the great outdoors again with its recently launched AR adventure epic, Shrouded Citadel.

Whilst most AR titles, such as Pokemon GO, deliver simple 3D renderings in the real world, Shrouded Citadel offers up something more akin to a full VR experience. The entire game takes place at a 1:1 scale, dropping you into a vast and incredibly immersive 3D dungeon environment that requires a generous amount of open outdoor space to enjoy the best possible experience.

Once you enter Shrouded Citadel you’ll be presented with a simple task; to escape the dungeon by mastering its various puzzles and traps. The dungeon setting is incredibly eerie thanks to both its immense scale and ambient soundtrack. Even more unsettling still is the presence of mysterious apparitions that you’ll randomly encounter as you journey into the depths of the Citadel. Depending on your luck they’ll either attempt to assist you or will become hostile. In the case of the latter, you’ll be able to zap them into oblivion thanks to an extremely cool plasma gun that you find early on in the game.

For anyone that feels like they’ve been burned by VR in the past, you’ll find Shrouded Citadel to be quite a revelation. The game’s AR motion tracking is extremely well designed, seamlessly matching its environment according to your physical environment, allowing you to duck, lean, walk, and aim with incredible ease.

If you’d like to try Shrouded Citadel for yourself, you can find it available to download now for iOS and Androidfor $1.99. You can also test the first two levels of the game before purchase through Shrouded Citadel’s lite version for iOS and Android.

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