FredBear Games’ Shadow of Naught has been added to Google Play Pass on Android.

Shadow of Naught is an interactive story drama about the lives of three people, Martin, Andrew and Anna, and how their stories intertwine with each other in the midst of an enigmatic mystery. In it, players progress the story by getting involved in the characters’ lives, making choices for them and gaining further insight into their personalities and emotions. As you begin to learn more about them, these decisions and puzzles become more instinctual for you to do.

There’s also a rich amount of mini-games to complete, with moving piano tiles, finding hidden objects, navigating branching conversations, and taking pictures making up a huge chunk of the gameplay, all held tightly together by a rich, innovative art style that perfectly reflects the experiences of each character.

If you're not aware of Shadow of Naught's development history, it's quite interesting. It began originally as a game jam entry back in 2017, winning the AdventureJam Colossal Leap Award 2017 and getting greenlit for a full commercial release. The full game launched on iOS and Android earlier this year after winning an astounding 4 awards at the International Mobile Gaming Awards: the Grand Prix prize, Best Meaningful Play, Excellence in Storytelling, andBest Upcoming Game.

Google Play Pass is a premium subscription service available on Android that allows players access to the paid versions of mobile games for a monthly fee, and Shadow of Naught’s addition marks the latest in a series of popular titles being added to the service. Just last week, Google expanded the service to include 24 more western countries and looks to continue adding more, via Pocket Gamer.

You can download Shadow of Naught on Google Play for Android here, as either a standalone £2.99 download or as part of Play Pass’ £4.99 monthly fee. It’s also available on the iOS App Store priced at £2.99.

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