Netmarble has announced the latest global update for mobile role-playing game Seven Knights 2. The update will bring brand new characters, some very rewarding events, and reworks to a few old favourite heroes.

Two new characters will be entering the battlefield for players to get their hands on, offering some unique strategies. Abyssal Orochi Kagura (Legendary Hero) is an attack-type character who is ruled by Orochi. She wields some debilitating poison skills and gets a power boost when low on HP.

On the other side of the coin, Gatekeeper of Purgatory Wolyeong (Legendary Hero) is a defense character, capable of interfering with enemy skills by provoking. They also have reduced immediate death resistance, and an immediate death effect for good measure, because the best defence is to instantly annihilate the enemy.

To celebrate the update, Netmarble is running a couple of rewarding events, the biggest being the Limited Time Legendary Kagura Special Event. By completing a set of in-game missions players can earn the Abyssal Orochi Kagura hero, and then get a head start with her in the Orochi’s Tooth: Special Crafting Event. Events and crafting will reward Orochi Tooth, which can be used to make Orachi’s equipment such as the Radiant Orochi’s Sword.

For more crafting fun, the Field Exploration: Cursed Shaman Crafting Event will allow the creation of special items including the Legendary+ Armor Summon Voucher by using Kagura and Wolyeong coins. In a more passive means of reward, the Kagura & Wolyeong Release Celebration Check-In Event will gift players who log in for 10 days before October 12th with a bevvy of nice rewards, including some very sought-after Hero Summon Tickets. These come at a very opportune time, as Four legendary+ heroes have been remade with powerful skills; Nestra’s Disciple Ming, Knight of Light Rudy, Empress of Aisha Rin and Nestra’s Disciple Shane.

Seven Knights 2 is available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

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