Netmarble has kicked off its celebrations for Seven Knights 2’s first anniversary with some special in-game events. Players will be showered with gifts through log-in events, and the developers have also teased some upcoming features.

Seven Knights 2 will receive a big update for its anniversary, including the implementation of an all-new Orb System. There has not been much revealed about this as of yet with more details to come, however, it’s been confirmed that it is available to high-level users, so possibly a way to power up characters further. There will also be two new characters released to celebrate.

Until November 16th, there will be a special A/C/E card collection event ongoing, with special items available to trade for when the update comes on November 16th. Cards can be collected in a variety of ways depending on the letter, with 5 of each available.

Card A is found by completing the final stage of daily missions. Card C from playing the Upgrade Dungeon and Card E from playing the Field Exploration. Fairly run-of-the-mill content that most players should be completing on a daily basis anyway, and getting some special rewards from them is a nice little bonus.

Additionally, players will be receiving daily rewards in the 1st Anniversary Countdown Gift Event. At 09:30 UTC every day for 5 days, logging in will net some free rewards such as Legendary Runes and Equipment Summon Tickets, all the way up to a Legendary Jewel Summon Voucher on November 15th. If you miss one day, the reward is gone, so Seven Knights 2 will helpfully send push notifications at 18:30 each day as a reminder.

Seven Knights 2 is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play. Players looking to get the most out of the events should log in quickly as there are not many days left before the update.

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