Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier has kicked off its newest season in style and is bringing one of the most iconic locations to the battle royale. Season 4 brings players to the Gold Saucer, where the only surprise this time is how many people are waiting around the next corner.

The new Gold Saucer-inspired areas are being added to Midgar Undercity map, with the Gold Saucer Battle Square sitting in the North West and the Gold Saucer Wonder Square being South West, replacing the Sector 5 Station and Desolate Area West. In addition to this change, the Midgar Plateside map has been expanded to include multiple new areas, with the maximum number of candidates raised to 75 per game to accommodate the extra space.

In the Battle Square, players will face off against Security Offices and monsters, whereas the Wonder Square has a new Whack-a-box minigame, which grants bonuses for destroying them. A bigger box means bigger prizes, however, monsters may appear if lady luck wills it. Engaging in Gold Saucer activities will also launch the Chance Reels, which have a chance to net additional rewards.

A new style has also been released, the Trickster, a master of misdirection. Their Decoy Card ability will spawn a copy of the candidate, complete with a currently equipped gun. This copy will shoot at enemies and monsters, dealing 25% damage, until it times out or is killed. Their second ability is the Marking Card, which takes half their current HP and sets a marking point for a certain time. If the Trickster reaches 0 HP, they will return to the marketing point and recover the HP. When active however the Trickster won’t gain any XP or be able to ride vehicles or Chocobos.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.

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