Sago Mini Forest Flyer Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on June 13th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Sago Mini Forest Flyer is a delightful, universal app from Sago Sago, a new developer to be aware of as it is a combination of talents from both Toca Boca as well as the creative minds who developed zinc Roe’s Tickle Tap Apps.

As some readers may know, the Tickle Tap Apps are a series of apps that were my son’s first experience with applications, now having been re-developed into new apps.

Sago Mini Forest Flyer is a new variation of the earlier app, Field Flyer. Sago Mini Forest Flyer maintains much of what we have enjoyed from Field Flyer as well as adding new elements to have fun with as well.

I do appreciate how Sago Mini Forest Flyer and Field Flyer are truly open-ended, this new app opening up at Robin’s home in the forest where one rings the bell to invite Robin, the main character of this app, to explore her surroundings.

Robin is a pretty, pink bird who loves to fly about with the tap and drag of a finger, playing about in her magical habitat among the other animals and plants that one meets along the way.

It is worth mentioning that Sago Mini Forest Flyer is a great choice in language-neutral apps - a different take on the original app which included narration expressing in simple sentences Robin’s actions such as “Robin is flying” and I enjoyed the use of narration with a great use of language to explain the action words Robin is partaking in.

Now, however, there may be a better sense of exploration and whimsy in this newly quiet and relaxing app contains only the sounds of the magical forest such as the varied musical elements found within such as hearing notes played by frogs or birds, percussive pine cones or apples being knocked from trees, or enjoy Robin playing on a set of mushroom drums in a way most charming.

I really delight in the animated moments one can search for - twenty in all as Robin nibbles berries or other fruit from plants, each with its own surprise - be it an infusion of bubble gum or hot flavor that gives this bird momentary fire-breathing capabilities. I also appreciate how there is some variety to some of these moments, such as more than one dream possibility from Robin when she takes a quick nap in a tree - wonderful moments that took me by very happy surprise.

The look of this app is bright and highly stylized. Do explore all than one can find, be it from the yellow sun-like markers that make note of specific animated hotspots to other areas to interact with such as flying through dandelion fluff, keeping children engaged as they drag Robin about.

There is really quite a lot to explore within this app, and although this app is slowly paced and quite subdued, I enjoy a great deal how many of these interactive areas create large unexpected moments such as knocking over a large tree, later pushing the tree back into place and showing off Robin’s muscles in a proud display - a lovely detail and one of many tucked into this app which are waiting to be found.

It is hard for me to imagine a toddler who will not be smitten by Robin and her beautiful, magical forest. Although geared towards younger children - toddlers or early pre-school age - it would not surprise me if this is not a favorite app which older children will love to share with their younger siblings.

My son and I enjoyed the original Field Flyer app a great deal, but I am very happy with the changes made to create Sago Mini Forest Flyer as many new details have been added to make this app more modern and even ever so slightly edgy as well.

For these reasons and more, Sago Mini Forest Flyer is an app that is very easy to recommend. I am eager to see what else Sago Sago has planned for the future.

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