Jagex has released the first look at the very first new combat style coming to its MMORPG, Runescape, in 2023. In an extremely exciting announcement, Necromancer will be changing the face of the beloved game in a big way, for better or for worse.

The First Necromancer, a loathsome figure who has been seen throughout all time, has resurfaced, and his eyeless sockets are fixed on one particular adventurer. You will need to delve deep into the city of Um, your actual real name, and master this new skill to prevent this fearsome pest from destroying all life.

Since its release, Runescape has had three combat styles; Melee, Ranged and Spells, in a rock paper scissors style of strength and weakness. Necromancy will sit outside of this trinity, being its own unique style that can contest with any of the others on equal ground.

Necromancy has two main prongs for its attacking options. You are fully equipped to throw spells out or use scythes to take care of your enemies personally, or you can, of course, summon skeletons and spirits to do your bidding. Each new ally can only be summoned for a finite time, and it is imperative you call them at the best time, as the longer they are out, the stronger they get.

In order to prevent the frankly dull grind of getting all new gear as your hurtle through the levels, Jagex has made it so the first set of gear you receive can be upgraded as you play through the narrative, from level 1 to 90. Everyone will end up looking the same, but it's an excellent idea to keep the story flowing. You can even level outside combat using Rituals if you are scared to get your hands dirty.

There is a lot that can go wrong with a huge change like this but with Jagexs’ history of working closely with its player base and listening to feedback, it is definitely something to keep an excited eye on. PvP in particular will never be the same.

To prepare for this spooky skill, download Runescape now from the App Store and Google Play.

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