How to win every time in Rope Racers

Posted by Gordon Siu on March 22nd, 2016
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As the name suggests, Rope Racers challenges you to race against your competitors with Tarzan-stylerope swinging.

Because this method of racing is, well, unconventional to say the least, we’re here to offer you some advice to get you swinging like a monkey.

The perfect start

As you would expect, getting off the line quickly is crucial if you want to break away from the pack and create an early lead for yourself.

To do this, you should swing straight away and get airborne as soon as the race starts, as every second on the ground will slow you down.

In other words, pretend that the floor is actually covered with lava.

Controlling your angle

Although swinging in Rope Racers is as simple as a tap and hold, there are important lessons to learn.

For a start, you need to aim your swing straight so that you don’t end up flying into walls, or crashing to the floor.

Also, bear in mind that it’s much easier to recover after landing on the ground, as opposed to hitting the ceiling, so if you have to crash, try to aim for the floor.

Building up speed

Next, we’ll go over a technique of building up your speed from scratch, which is handy if you get slowed down.

After lifting yourself back up, you’ll need to fall a fair distance from the ceiling before you swing, at which point gravity will provide you with more forward momentum.

Note that timing this is particularly hard, as you may hit the ground if you fall too far before swinging.

From then on, it’s simply a case of looking out for platforms and ceilings you can use to maintain your speed. Trying to go even faster will just increase the risk of smacking into walls.

Got any more tips to swing with the best? Share them in the comments!

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