Square Enix latest mobile spin-off Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe is available now globally for both iOS and Android. It initially launched in Japan back in 2018 where it's proven to be incredibly popular, so now folks in the West can finally see what the fuss is all about.

It has most definitely garnered a lot of interested globally too, with more than one million people pre-registering the game. Reaching this impressive milestone also means that players will be able to snag some free goodies when they download the game. This will include:

  • 9,000 Jewels and 40 Platinum Summon Tickets
  • Two beloved characters from Romancing SaGa 3: Flurry (S) and Nora (A)
  • 40 Small Stamina Potions

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe's soundtrack has been penned by series veteran Kenji Ito, with other 20 original tracks being composed for the game. If you find yourself particularly enjoying the soundtrack as you progress then you'll be pleased to know you can stream it on the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music from 30th June.

The game itself is set some 200 years Romancing SaGa 3, meaning you can expect an original story which should hopefully make it more accessible for newcomers. However, there will be nods to the past for long-time fans to enjoy alongside a host of returning characters.

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe promises fast-paced yet tactical gameplay where you'll make up a team from a huge roster of characters. New heroes can be collected through the usual gacha means we've become accustomed to over the years.

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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