Rogue Marine from developer Rungo Games is an intense roguelike card-battler that sees you playing as a badass space marine. You'll battle to work your way through each individual sector as you attempt to escape deadly alien invaders, unhinged troopers, and rogue bots.

The core gameplay is inspired by the card game Solitaire. One of its biggest challenges stems from making smart use of your suit's limited power. Once you eat through it all, you'll start losing all-important health at an alarming rate.

Thankfully, new weapons and special upgrades can be collected over time and switched out with ease. Again, though, you'll need to be smart about what you pick up and when you use it – you've only got three item/weapon slots, after all.

Each run is said to be varied and fast-paced; perfect for on-the-go play. The developer is also clearly proud of the game's atmospheric sound design, suggesting that you use headphones for a more optimal, immersive experience. And with over 30 tricky missions to take on, you're potentially looking at a great many hours of playtime if you wish to prove your mastery of the game's combat.

For a more thorough look at the game's systems, I'd advise checking out the developer's walkthrough embedded above. If Rogue Marine sounds like the card-battler for you, you'll find it available for purchase now from Google Play.

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