Rob Rich, senior writer for 148Apps shares with us his five favorite apps.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - I love the iOS version in particular because it's the same great game that I can play anywhere and at any time, plus it's proof positive that console and PC quality experiences can be ported to iOS.

Ascension: Chronicle of the God Slayer - This was my introduction to deck building games and has been my most reliable go-to game whenever I need to kill some time and don't know what I feel like doing.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery - This is, and will always be, one of my favorite adventure games of all time. It's surreal, retro, modern, understated, complex, beautiful, and heart-wrenching all at the same time.

Climate Clock - It's a simple but incredibly clever idea: combine weather reports with an analog clock display. It's also been an invaluable tool in planning ahead for my day since I can look at it for all of five seconds and know whether or not I should bring an umbrella to work.

Rage of Bahamut - This pretty much had to be on my list because I've been playing it ever since I first reviewed it back in 2012, and I doubt I'll stop any time soon. I think it's a combination of the card-collecting, fantastic artwork, social elements, and near constant special events that keep me coming back.

I'm really hoping Apple pushes stuff like ports and cross-platform play a lot further. It's great that I can already play some games on my iPad, iPhone, or web browser and have one unified save across all of them, but I think we can do even more with it. Why not allow cross-platform play with other systems that offer the same titles? Couldn't it be possible to play, let's say XCOM, on my PC/Mac/360/PS3 and then load the save into my iPhone so I could continue my campaign on the go?

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