Rhino Musical Aptitude Test Checks Music IQ

Posted by Blake Grundman on May 10th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Music is an area of my life where I have been extremely passionate since before I can even remember.  Something about the sounds that harmonies make as they echo off of your eardrums instantly clicked with me, and made me want to pursue any and all forms of it.  Plus when you add in being a trivia nut, you have the recipe for a glorified musical mind orgy.

Targeted at people just like me, the legendary record store chain Rhino created their chain exclusive SAT style trivia challenge named the Rhino Musical Aptitude Test.  Here is what you can expect to find in this unique brand of quizzing, as it lands on iOS:
"Using multiple choice questions across four levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard, and expert), the RMAT requires players to correctly answer five questions per level before advancing to the progressively more difficult rounds. Each game offers players the chance to deploy three life-saving Guitar Picks, which bring down the number of possible answers from four to two. However, three strikes (incorrect answers) during any given level and you're out! Featuring all of your favorite artists from ABBA to ZZ Top, the RMAT is jam-packed with enough trivia throughout all the musical genres you've come to know and love to keep even the biggest music geek busy for hours on end!" -- VIA Rhino Development Blog

After playing through the game a couple of times it will be hard not to be won over by the challenging battery of questions.  But that is not all...

For those that are willing to take the plunge and pay the ninety nine cents and unlock the full app, there will be a series of competitions that can be won through being successful in the game itself.  So get going on racing up the GameCenter leaderboards, because that useless knowledge of The Beatles may finally come in handy.

Rhino Musical Aptitude Test

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
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