REKT! guide - Is the latest content update worth it?

Posted by Campbell Bird on March 14th, 2019
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When REKT! first came out, I was impressed with the game’s ability to channel the gameplay of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in a small, streamlined package. Be that as it may, I was also pretty underwhelmed with the game’s lack of content.

Fast-forward a year and a half and REKT! now has quite a bit more stuff in it. Given that the game is now more fleshed-out than ever, I went ahead and dove back into REKT! to see if it feels like more than the proof of concept it felt like at launch.

The package

This update is not the first time REKT! has undergone some changes. New cars have been added previously, and a new course, The Bowl, got added in the past year or so. Earlier than that, REKT! also refined its controls to let you swipe while steering to initiate drifts.

This latest update adds yet another course, The City, along with even more vehicles, customization options for said vehicles, and damage modeling for your cars when you wreck them. As a total package, REKT! now sports three courses and 50 vehicles, which is a substantial upgrade from the initial game’s offerings.

How does this change things?

These new additions to REKT! are certainly welcome, but they aren’t game-changers. The reason for this is that REKT! still maintains a pretty standard and static mission structure. So while it’s fun in theory to take your new stunt cars into new arenas, each session is still asking you to do all of the same things you’ve always been doing since the game’s launch.

If you’re not so motivated by the missions in REKT!, then this is a small issue. The game is still a high score chaser, and you can now test your ability to nail the most perfect trick runs in three different areas. But, if you are motivated by the missions where REKT! asks you to do Tony Hawk-like side objectives, there’s not much new happening in that department.

Also, three courses still just doesn’t feel like enough stage variety. If there were some more stages (and perhaps more interesting objectives built around those stages) REKT! would feel like a more complete experience.

Should you buy REKT?

REKT! is certainly a better value proposition than it was at launch, and at its current sale price of $0.99, it's definitely worth it. There are still clearly identifiable holes in this game that still make it feel kind of underbaked though, so you might be disappointed if you buy it at full price.

Hopefully, one day, REKT! will feel like a game that’s reached its full potential. This update brings it one step closer to that reality, but there’s still a ways to go.

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