Real Racing Revs Up

Posted by Jeff Scott on June 4th, 2009

I got a pleasant surprise in my inbox today, and I hardly slept last night for playing it so much.

Hot on the heals of their great update to Flight Control, Firemint have submitted to the app store a completely different game, Real Racing. Possibly the best racing game we've ever see on the iPhone, it's coming really soon and I've got a final build ad-hoc copy. I've commented before about how great of a game this is. The final version is even better. It has amazing fit and finish and looks even better than the previous versions I've seen. Well done Firemint!

The racing game features 12 tracks, 26 cars, and five different game modes. The most interesting feature, to me, is the asynchronous multiplayer mode. Very well done, and a ton of fun to play.

If you're on Twitter, you can follow the game specific Twitter account, or become a fan of the Facebook page.

No word yet on price, we'll see that when the app goes live. And we'll have a full review ready for when the app goes live. That is if I can stop playing it. For now, check after the jump for the official trailer video, more screen shots, and the official app description.

Official Trailer

Below you'll find the final, official trailer for the game. Make sure you watch it in HD.

[youtube 8--2Z9Z1H-8]



Full App Description

Firemint Real Racing(TM) immerses you in all the excitement, competition and glory of championship racing. This is handheld racing like you’ve never experienced before!

WINNER – IGF Mobile, Technical Achievement
WINNER – IMGA, Excellence in Connectivity
- 36 cars in three classes, a dozen unique tracks, five game modes
- Three divisions to play through
- Massive career mode with 57 events to complete
- Ten licensed music tracks from indy artists
- Six cars on screen
- Touch or tilt to steer
- Manual or automatic acceleration and braking
- In-car cockpit view or external camera
- Local multiplayer over WiFi
- Online league play
- Online leaderboards
- Video replays on YouTube
- Create personal leaderboards at 
Race the way you want to, with five different game modes. Challenge friends in local multiplayer and leave them in your dust! Work your way up from rookie to world champion in Career mode. Slice off another split second in Time Trial and upload your personal best. Join an online league and battle your way through the ranks of players from all over the world to advance to the next division. Only got a minute? Get behind the wheel for a Quick Race.
Tear through forests, seaside circuits and burning deserts, with the roar of the engine and the sounds of an adoring crowd in your ears as you scream past! Beautiful track environments, carefully detailed cars and console quality 3D sound effects create the most exhilerating racing experience on the iPhone(TM).
If you can drive a real car, you can race in Firemint Real Racing. Intuitive controls take care of things under the hood just like an expert pit crew, while you focus on your racing line. Accurate surface variations including asphalt, grass, gravel and ripple-strips affect vehicle speed, responsiveness and handling. It’s the way racing games are meant to feel.
Firemint Real Racing provides authentic pack racing action like no other iPhone(TM) game. Take to the circuit in a six car grid and jostle your way to the lead.
Our unique in-car cockpit view places you in the driver’s seat. Get feedback from the animated driver and the race data incorporated into dashboard instruments.
Looking for more than just factory settings? Adjust handling and sensitivity to suit, with a huge range of options. Control methods include tilt to steer or touch to steer, manual or automatic acceleration and brake assist options.
Set up a link to your YouTube channel to publish your best laps automatically. Compare your best times against friends and rivals online and set up your own custom leaderboards. Compete for glory in a range of regular online leagues, and win your way into more competitive online divisions.
Race along to licensed indy bands to keep you pumped up, or turn music off altogether and drive to the growl of your engine. Play your own tracks from your iPod® if you prefer.

57 events in the full career mode, five modes of play, local multiplayer, numerous online leagues and rankings against your friends or the world ensure endless hours of fun.
Buckle in and get set for the most exhilarating racing experience. With Firemint Real Racing, the race is in your hands!

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