It is time to start your tractors and prepare to graft, as the long wait is over with the release of Farming Simulator 23. It has been three years since we could tend to our mobile crops on the go, and the new release brings with it a hefty bag of new features.

All of the hard work we all know and somehow love is back, including new mechanics such as ploughing and weeding to keep your fields in tip-top shape. There are also three new types of crops to grow bringing the total up to 14; grapes, olives and sorghum.

You will need to make sure you carefully plan what you will be planting though to make the best use of the production chains, allowing you to produce some valuable goods from the crops you harvest. For example, you can grow what to make flour, and then turn that flour into bread to sell through a bakery.

As the trailer makes no secret of, you can now recruit yourself a flock of chickens in addition to the cows, horses, pigs, and sheep, EIEIO. Not only are they amusing to see run around, but you will also be able to harvest their eggs which are integral to the new production chains, and corner the market in cakes. Just make sure to treat them well, if Zelda has taught us anything, it's to respect the chicken.

There are over 100 authentically recreated machines from world-renowned manufacturers such as John Deere, New Holland, CLAAS, and many more that a lot of us have probably never heard of. You can explore two new maps, Amberstone and Neubrunn, which change with the seasons, and have a host of hidden collectables for you to find.

You can purchase Farming Simulator 23 now from the App Store and Google Play for the fairly reasonable price of $7.99.

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