Ready the torpedoes in Warships Universe: Naval Battle, brand new from GameSpire

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 7th, 2018
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Developer GameSpire has turned its attention from gunships to warships in its latest mobile release. With Warships Universe: Naval Battle, you get to play at being an admiral in the navy, and pit your vessel against other players in online 6-vs-6 skirmishes.

You have at your disposal a wide range of historical vessels belonging to the various factions involved in World War I and II. There's the famous German battleship Bismarck, the mighty Yamato of the Japanese navy, the USS Arizona and many more. Not just battleships, either - you've got cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers at your fingertips.

Although the crafts featured are replicas of genuine vessels, this isn't a historical re-enactment. Likewise, the controls aren't a simulacrum of a real helm; they're a simple two-stick set-up, with the left screen controlling direction and speed, and the right controlling your aim and fire. That makes it quick and easy to dive into the action.

Warships Universe: Naval Battle features full 3D graphics, as well as fluctuating weather and impressive wave effects (the water looks good enough to swim in). Your main head-up display includes everything you need to navigate and attack: a mini map, your equipped weapons, distance from target, health and more vital statistics.

Fight for control ofthe seas and revel in your victories in Warships Universe: Naval Battle, free on Androidand iOS.

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