Raziel: Dungeon Arena is a hack 'n' action-RPG with its own fully-narrated animated comic

Posted by 148Apps Staff on September 22nd, 2020
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Raziel: Dungeon Arena is available now on mobile and will appeal to fans of both comic books and old school dungeon crawlers. Not only will you hack 'n' slash your way through mobs of enemies but there's also fully-narrated animated comic to enjoy, too.

The plot is just as much of a focus as slaying the undead. The developer Indrasoft took the time to ensure Raziel: Dungeon Arena has engaging narration and realistic voice acting to immerse players in the singleplayer campaign, which takes place over 10 chapters and 60 levels.

The story begins in the City of Being, where a mishmash of personalities combine to form the “Gawlanders”, a group of heroes carrying the fate of the world in their hands. This unlikely brood bands together to battle the undead, an unsavoury mixture of minions and overlords. Despite the underlying tensions, petty squabbles, and crude jokes that characterize this strange group of heroes, they somehow band together to save the world.

The game itself will help players feel as though they're living out their dreams of being the protagonist in a dark, comic tale. With over 16 abilities to choose for your heroes and complex talent trees, there's a ludicrous amount of build customisation to be found here. Equipping new gear, crafting sets, and piecing together costumes combine to give heroes a personal flair.

Beyond that, there's a Tag Team Battle System within the game that allows players to switch between other characters and classes on the floor. This adds another layer depth to the strategic side of Raziel: Dungeon Arena as different characters can combine to create new fighting approaches. Among the available classes, players can mix and match combinations of ranged DPS, melee, healer, mage, and puppeteer heroes. A balanced approach is best, but it can be comical to overload your hero pairs with DPS or heals and watch waves of monsters struggle against them.

Once you've battled your way through the singleplayer campaign you might want to join up with a few pals and play the multiplayer mode. Alongside up to three other players, you'll be able to tackle Tavern Boss Contracts, the Land of Hell and the World Map.

If you're on the lookout for a new action-RPG you can give Raziel: Dungeon Arena a try for free over iOS and Android.

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