Like RPGs? In association with Human Powered Games and Cresent Moon Games, iPhone publisher Chillingo are announcing they will soon be bringing RavenSword: The Fallen King to iPhone (and iPod touch).

Similar to previous titles including: Assassin's Creed, Hero of Sparta and Dungeon Hunter (to name just a few), RavenSword: The Fallen King is another fully-immersive 3D role playing-like adventure, set in the sunny times of damsels-in-distress and knights-in-shining-armor.

In Chillingo's words:

"Controls are similar to most of the other 3D games, Hero of Sparta and Assassin's Creed. The big difference with RavenSword – The Fallen King is that is has tilt look up and down, and it has First Person Mode. There’s also a recalibrate button right at the top right just in case you change positions while playing (standing or sitting) .."

The game also has some pretty trippy concept art. Check that out below!

According to Josh Presseisen of Crescent Moon Games, we can expect “a cross between an adventure game and an RPG”, comparing the game to the likes of Oblivion and Zelda.

Gameplay Footage

More hi-res concept artwork and screenshots can be found over at the official game site. It is worth noting that the site states the game will work best on the new iPhone 3GS, but presumably the title will still be available for all iPhone models.

Look out for RavenSword: The Fallen King dropping for iPhone (and iPod touch). Fall 2009.

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