Buying a car is frequently pretty enjoyable but it's also often stressful. Making such an expensive decision is a complicated endeavour, even more so once a few test drives have been conducted. Having spent a while test driving numerous cars, I can safely say it's easy to get confused as to what was so good about which car. Enter Test Drive Assistant in an attempt to demystify all that.

Test Drive Assistant is an app that provides 11 basic test drive related questions that users can answer as they test out each vehicle. Then, the app provides a rating based upon the answers given and, at a glance, users can see which vehicle is best for their needs.

Further functionality is provided through the ability to add more questions as well as images of the vehicle, allowing for side-by-side comparisons of the test driven motors.

It should take out all the stress and worry for those who plan on test driving a number of different vehicles over many days.

Test Drive Assistant is out now priced at $2.99.

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