It is hard to believe that Raid: Shadow Legends has only been around four years given its status as one of mobile's most successful and well-known games, but it somehow has. Plarium is celebrating this milestone by releasing some special challenges, events, and new legendary heroes.

If you have not heard of Raid: Shadow Legends, then you are most likely wrong. From its humorous live-action adverts featuring its characters, such as the hopeless skeleton knight or the orc couple counselling, to its sponsoring virtually every video in existence, it would have popped up somewhere. Raid is a turn-based RPG focused on collecting dozens of heroes to battle alongside, and it has managed to take this simple premise and conquer mobile gaming.

Raid is all about your team, and growing them to be as strong as they can be, and to celebrate this Plarium is paying homage to the four iconic Champions who were with you from the start. You will be able to obtain legendary versions of Kael, Athel, Elhain, and the indisputable king of starters, Galek.

Plarium is also throwing a bevvy of presents at its players to thank those who have been there from the start, and even those just beginning their journey. Just simply use the new promo code 4YEARSRAID and you will get enough rewards to get you set alongside your new legendary heroes.

When discussing this milestone, Schraga Mor, Plariums CEO, said “We are truly humbled and thankful to all the players for their continued passion and loyalty towards RAID over the past four years. Additionally, I could not be more proud of the RAID development and support teams that not only created an exceptional game but have continued to build upon it with new experiences to keep it fresh for returning fans and newcomers alike. The strong community that links the gamers and developers is pivotal to RAID’s ongoing success.”

This celebration will last through April 8th, so make sure to download Raid: Shadow Legends now from the App Store and Google Play.

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