Quickoffice Launches ProSelect HD

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on March 16th, 2012

Most businesses are struggling with the concept of enterprise mobility, or rather, how to keep track of data and keep it secure when your workforce is scattered and working from phones and tablets rather than office computers. Quickoffice is offering a whole suite of solutions with their new ProSelect HD app.

This new app support WiFi file sharing, cloud storage services, cut/copy/paste, ‘Open In’ support and SaveBack™, Quickoffice’s patent-pending API. One of the most useful features of ProSelect HD is its ability lock files in their original location, preventing users from saving files and documents in unsecured locations and potentially causing loss or leakage of data. The app also supports native iOS file encryption and email, which makes it very easy to integrate onto an iPhone or iPad.

The app is available via Apple's Store Volume Purchasing for Business and costs $29.99. Anyone interested should get in touch with Quickoffice via email and send along their Apple Program ID.

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