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Puzzle Craft 2 is a significant upgrade to its predecessor, offering a lot more content than before. That also means that it can seem a little intimating early on, as you try to figure out what to focus on and when. Here are some handy tips and tricks to get you started on the path to having the best settlement.

Starting Out

  • Focus on one resource at a time as you gradually accumulate what you’ve earned -When starting out, you can only only play the farm puzzle games but that’s the ideal starting point. You’ll soon learn what works best in terms of collecting up tiles.
  • Work towards the challenges contained within each village - You’ll gain more free stuff such as coins, but also you’ll help the story progress faster.
  • Don’t forget you can always go back to past villages - While resources don’t carry across between villages, the tools and special items do move over, so it’s a handy way to get ahead in later stages.

Blame your tools

  • Tools can make all the difference - By using one, you instantly collect all of one type of resource, saving you from having to use up a move to do so. You can use gold to buy more tools but it’s a waste of a valuable currency when you could just craft tools or collect them from past villages.
  • You can exchange tools with friends once you build an embassy - This will be hugely beneficial to you, as well as your friend.

Everything else

  • Don’t be afraid to sell resources if you need coins in a hurry - That’s a particularly useful habit in completed villages, but it can be applied anywhere. Generally, resources are easier to regather than coins.
  • Experiment with new resource types - As you play, you unlock more kinds of resources meaning you can change your plan while completing a puzzle. Different types of grass, birds, and trees all mean you can change up what you do. Some offer special moves or unlock items faster, so make sure you experiment.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by choice - Always stick with one goal. You’ll get to it way faster than trying to juggle multiple targets at once.
  • Pay attention to your free moves - At certain points, you can collect certain tile types without using up a move and you should really take advantage of this. It can make a huge difference to what you collect up.
  • Bear in mind though, you can’t see how many free moves remain, except for when the game provides a pop-up message as and when you use them. Read it!
  • Hire as many workers as possible - They carry over between villages and provide a great benefit through their bonuses. You’ll always be limited in how many you can hire so keep pushing that limit.
  • You gain more workers through building houses and cottages, although you can also use the premium currency of runes to buy them. This can be handy, particularly early on. Don’t bother wasting runes on anything else.
  • Keep an eye out for rewards that gift you runes - The screen is full of icons that can be flashing in some way to give you a heads up on what’s going on. Building a witch’s hut also means you can watch short video ads in return for runes.

Puzzle Craft 2

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2015-09-09 :: Category: Game


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