Good news for anyone who's ever looked at Hello Kitty and thought I bet she can handle herself in a fight. Puzzle & Dragons has announced its latest collaboration with Sanrio Characters. Hello Kitty and a few of her friends will be available to recruit and send through seven event-exclusive dungeons.

By logging in during the event, players will be able to have a free pull on the SANRIO CHARACTERS Memorial Egg Machine in the hopes of getting one of these new characters. Hangyodon and Cogimyun are up for grabs, as is Hello Kitty in a variety of dress-ups, such as Great Witch of the Enchanting Seas or Great Witch of the Deep Forest.

To unlock more Hello Kitty characters and items, the SANRIO CHARACTERS dungeon will reward those who beat it with special currency for the Monster Exchange. Players will be able to purchase items such as Hello Kitty’s ribbon, and even Hello Mimmy, Hello Kitty's twin sister.

For character levelling, the Skill Leveling Dungeon SANRIO CHARACTERS guarantee Skill Up for team members who have the same Skill as characters featured in the dungeon, whereas SANRIO CHARACTERS Land! Gives a 100% drop rate and special Assist characters for any team whose Leader is one of the collab characters.

After Hello Kitty is ready for battle, the REMDrapuring Descended! dungeon will have REMDrapurin and Diamond REMDapurin featured as bosses, and when clearing it for the first time players will earn one pull from the 6 Star SANRIO CHARACTERS Egg Machine. Friends can even tackle this foe together in the Multiplayer variant.

Finally, the Hello Kitty Title Challenge will offer a fixed team to tackle a highly challenging dungeon, with the grand prize being the Hello Kitty title to show off that they are the master of sending cutesy little characters into horrific, unyielding war.

Puzzle & Dragons is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.

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