The Supernatural and superspookies are descending upon Puzzle & Dragons as the latest collaboration launches. The Monogatari series collides with the hit mobile game, bringing with it such nocturnal nasties as vampires, spectres and beasts, oh my.

Monogatari is a series of light novels, later adapted to anime, centring on a third-year high school student named Koyomi Aaragi. After surviving a vampire attack, Aaragi finds himself assisting a variety of other students who get involved with a laundry list of monsters; ghosts, beasts, and spirits. Your basic supernatural no-nos.

Players of Puzzle & Dragons can now enlist assistance from the cast of Monogatari by visiting the 7 Magic Stones! Monogatari Series Egg Machine. This mouthful of a gacha machine offers familiar faces, ranging from the heroic Hitagi Senjyogahara to the villainous Ougi Oshino. Players can get started with a free pull provided by the game.

Further characters from the series can be obtained by trading in the Monogatari Series Collab Medals - Gold at the Monster Exchange. Choices include characters such as Koyomi Araragi and Apparition Killer, Kiss-shot. These medals can be earnt as rewards and first-time clear bonuses with the Monogatari Series and Challenge! Dungeons. Complete the Challenge! Dungeons will also grant another free pull just for clearing.

In addition, pulls can be obtained the old-fashioned way; capitalism, it is a gacha after all. There are two special egg machines that can be chosen at the $19.99 mark; the Tsubasa Hanekawa Egg MAchine, and the Sodachi Oikura Egg Machine. If these named characters get pulled, the player will also receive special skins to show off. Also available for the same amount is the 7 Star Monogatari machine, which guarantees a 7 or 8-star rare character. Otherwise, there is the $0.99 machine for the tried and tested spray and pray method.

Puzzle & Dragon is available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

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