Pumped BMX 3 and 5 other awesome stunt games

Posted by Jessica Famularo on October 6th, 2016
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Pumped BMX 3 is sitting pretty in the iTunes gaming top 10 charts after flipping onto the scene last week. The game's tough, but it rewards you if you stick with it. Featuring tons of different moves and combos, it's a blast trying to achieve level goals and create ongoing strings of tricks.

It's definitely one of the best BMX games on mobile, but there are plenty of others that can compete. We've gathered five other fantastic games on iOS and Android that fit the extreme sports theme.

Flip Diving
Okay, maybe diving isn't an extreme sport in the traditional sense, but flinging yourself backwards off a cliff into the ocean sounds pretty extreme to me. Flip Divingis another game currently conquering the App Store. It's an addictive physics based sports game in which you dive off of anything, including rickety old boards and tree branches. Expertly executing the standard front and back flips soon unlock even more impressive moves.

Alto's Adventure
This gorgeous endless snowboarder does things a little differently, as you go on a journey with friends across a stunning mountainscape. There's a repertoir of challenging stunts and combos to master as you snowboard through crumbling ruins and stands of timeless trees. It mixes both realistic, physics based gameplay with a setting that's all about appreciating the majesty of the natural world.

True Skate
True Skateis a realistic skateboarding sim in which you use finger gestures to do tricks. Your finger is basically your foot. You push the skateboard forward by swiping the screen to the left of you board, and you perform flips by tapping on the front or back of your board, and on and on. It takes some practice, but the realistic controls makes you feel like you're actually out practicing ollies and whatnot.

Time Surfer
This could be the most unique game on our list.Time Surferis another endless runner with a shiny, futuristic skin. You're a tiny techno-punk surfer racing against time while trying to make it over obstacles and across crevaces. The levels are procedurally generated, too, so you don't get to comfy. To make things interesting,Time Suferlets you turn back time in order to repair past mistakes.

Motorsport Manager
Motorsport Manageris a nice change of pace. Instead of jumping behind the wheel, you'll be managing a team of competitive drivers. You start from scratch, building your car while working on technology improvements to give yourself a real edge come race day. You oversee everything, from pitstops, to crashes, to inclement weather. When you tire of working behind the scenes, you can even try your hand at racing by managing your strategy.

There's a lot of creativity within the extreme sports genre, as evidenced by the games on this list. Even if you're not into BMX or winter sports and the like, you'll find that there's something here for most tastes.

What are your favorite mobile extreme sports games? Let us know in the comments!

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