Krafton, the studio behind the popular shooter PUBG Mobile, is currently working PUBG: New State, a new entry in the popular battle royale series. Globally, the game has already surpassed 32 million registrations, which is impressive considering this does not include potential players from India, China, and Vietnam.

The trailer promises lots of action with some ultra-modern features and gameplay. The world got a first peek into New State on May 21st, 2021 when PUBG New State released a 36-second clip that promised an experience ‘beyond battle royale’.

Here’s everything we know about PUBG: New State so far!

PUBG New State – What do we know about the maps?

PUBG Mobile has hills, trees, forests, and generally less urban locations. But PUBG: New State sports an urban setting with lots of buildings and modern structures. Considering the difference in landscape between the two games, the new instalment may not retain the popular maps like Erangel.

A series of trailers and Field Trips released by PUBG: New State on YouTube revealed an 8x8 futuristic map called Troi. The first trip to Troi was released on June 10th, 2021, on YouTube. The roughly four-minute-long video featured Brian Corrigan, the publishing director in PUBG studios.

Corrigan introduced some of the locations from Troi. These included spots like the Exhibit Hall, Mall, Laboratory, and Trailer Park. The structures were modern with escalators and bulletproof glass.

PUBG New State has some new features and hot wheels

The game is set in the near future, specifically the year 2051. The tone is somewhat dystopian. But 2051 is bound to have some cool stuff like drone deliveries. Players can collect drone credits and then trade them for supplies. The supplies will then be delivered by drones much like airdrops.

The gunplay has been enhanced significantly. After the first Alpha test, players had a lot of good things to say about the guns and weapons. The weapon customization is over the top with a wide array of attachments. This will allow the players to tailor their weapons as per their preferences.

Transport has undergone massive changes in New State. The second field trip was focused on vehicles and transport. Unlike PUBG Mobile, New State has fancy sports cars, electric cars, cool motorcycles, and more.

However, the new-age trams steal the show. These trams are bulletproof, so players inside are protected from outside attacks.

Pre-registrations are on for Android and iOS

The Alpha testing, trailers, music video, and backstory have set our expectations very high. The game has promised new features with improved gunplay and stunning graphics. So far, Krafton has not officially announced a date for the launch of the game.

Players who have not yet hit the pre-registration button can head over to Google Play Store or the App Store and do so. After the launch, players might get some exclusive pre-registration rewards.

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