The ever-popular battle royale, PUBG Mobile, has hit Version 1.5, which introduces a plethora of content to the game. It includes the Mission Ignition overhaul of Erangel, the start of the Tesla partnership and a new Royale Pass system.

Erangel's six main areas - Pochinki, Georgopol, School, Military Base, Yasnaya Polyana and Mylta Power – have undergone quite the transformation thanks to the DynaHex energy company. They have turned the place into an experimental base where players can access futuristic equipment, transport and explore revamped versions of the map's existing buildings.

The new items on offer include a two-seater Anti-Gravity motorcycle, Riot Shield and Tactical Marking Device. The latter can mark injured enemies and the status of teammates. Elsewhere players can utilise Air Conveyors to leap vertically through the air to potentially gain an advantage over their opponents.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Collaboration is also underway. In-game, the electric car company has created multiple Gigafactories on Erangel. Players can visit these facilities and watch the production of the Tesla Model Y before speeding off in one. Beyond that, a self-driving Tesla Semi will spawn randomly in rural locales and drive along set routes. Attacking this vehicle will force it to drop supply boxes and combat supplies.

Finally, the existing Royale Pass is replaced with the Royale Pass Month system. As the name implies, this will run for one month and will cost 360 UC with the highest rank reduced to 50 from 100, and the number of rewards increased. Additionally, they have introduced a Challenge Point System that provides bonuses for positive actions like staying in the game and not using friendly fire.

PUBG Mobile is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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