PUBG Mobile has shed a bit more light on its upcoming partnership with football legend Lionel Messi. The Version 2.3 Update will give the battle royale maps a bit of a makeover as PUBG prepares to honour the career of one of football's greatest.

As expected, this new update will be very sporty, kicking off with the PUBG MOBILE Global Chicken Cup, which brings with it makeovers for multiple maps, some themed cosmetics, new in-game activities and a lot more. Lionel Messi will be serving as the cups captain and will be able to be spotted playing the new version upon release.

Erangel will be bearing the brunt of most of the redesigns, with a whole football theme park springing up. Luckily, there will be a respawn mechanic in play, just in case someone is unceremoniously disposed of as they take a few shots on goal with the new portable football item. This new football can also be used during battle, however, the effect has yet to be revealed, so we can only speculate that it causes other players to dive onto the floor.

For those that want to explore the new surroundings in, let’s be generous and say, “style”, there is a new giant football vehicle to roll around in. Rather hilariously, other players will be able to interact with those using this new vehicle and punt them straight into the stratosphere in what has to be one of the greatest vehicle mechanics in gaming.

Outside of this new football fever, Erangel, Aftermath and Livik will be receiving some noticeable changes. Aftermath is getting a complete reworking, with comprehensive upgrades to its armor, firearms, energy systems and more. New gameplay mechanics will also be added to the map. There will also be a few additional optimisations all round, with Livik gaining a few new weather effects.

PUBG Mobile is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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